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Just got back to Djibouti and here is a bit of what happened before we left Minnesota. This is a revised repost from a few years ago.
Woman crying by mimooh

A confession…

I am that woman who balances twenty boxes of shoes at the register in Payless. Four pairs of shoes per person. The same shoe in incrementally larger sizes for the kids. Buy one, get one half off.

I am that woman who, in late August, needs two carts at Target.

I am that woman who needs to drop off her purchases at the car mid-shopping trip because she can’t carry them all.

I am that woman who cries and makes unreasonable demands of her husband in the middle of Kohl’s. Demands like, “Tell me exactly how tall our teenage son will be in two years.” And, “I need to know right now what you plan to want for your birthday next November.” And, “How much peanut butter does one family eat in a year if they are using homemade bread and spreading it real thin and no, I don’t care that Kohl’s doesn’t carry peanut butter because I’m mentally weighing everything while we shop and need to know how much room we have for socks and underwear.”

I am an American expatriate, wife to one and mother to three, returning to a developing country in east Africa and I am a wreck in stores…

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