Quick link: I’m the Mom in Pajamas at the Grocery Store

This one’s at Babble. Its about grief and being an expatriate and community. And pajamas.

Recently a school called out parents for wearing their pajamas to drop their kids off at school. It seemed ridiculous to me, especially considering that I had this essay coming out this week about when I wore pajamas in public.

Sometimes, there are really good reasons, like stress, exhaustion, grief… Can’t we just give each other a break?


…Forget about perfume — these days, I can barely remember to put on deodorant. I don’t think I have forgotten to brush my teeth in years, and yet, last month I went several nights without brushing or flossing. (I know, I know; disgusting. But at least those are privately disgusting.)

Turns out though, stress and exhaustion and grief become public when I either forget to change out of my pajamas to go to the store or I simply can’t summon the energy to change. And so, if you came to the grocery store in Djibouti, I’ll be the mom in the pink and black faded flannel pants and the ratty black t-shirt, unwashed hair in a messy ponytail. I’ll be the panicked mom digging through my purse and realizing that I forgot my shopping list, or I’ll be the mom at the cash register in tears, realizing I also forgot my wallet.

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