Quick link: Making Your House Abroad a Home

How do you make your house a home when living abroad? Here is a bit of how we find houses in Djibouti and below is an excerpt from today’s story at A Life Overseas about transforming that house into a home.


We rent. We buy used furniture or inherit ancient hand me downs. Our houses are not built straight so the hallway rug runs crookedly along the floorboards and the screen doors don’t fit into the door frames and the bathroom doors don’t quite close tightly. Our sinks and showers don’t drain well and we use our hand to push all the water slightly uphill, toward the drain. Our faucets wobble and our electrical outlets dangle out of the walls like spiders. There are strange chunks hacked out of the cement inside the house and the walls in the bedroom are the color of melted makeup.

We’re expats. Like I said, we rent.

There two (plus many more) ways to move into a home. You can be a ‘take what you get’ expat or a ‘make what you want’ expat.

Click here Making Your House Abroad a Home to read the rest of the piece and then let me know what kind you are. What kind would you guess I am?