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I love, love, love when friends tell me they are having twins. When I had my own twins, I was the first person I knew to have twins. I was also one of the first people I knew to have even one baby, so I was slightly totally overwhelmed. But now, now that my twins are 15 (!!!) years old, I get to respond to twin announcements with all the joy of a mom who made it (barely) through the first few years and who really loves twins.

It is exhausting, it is so, so hard. But it is also so, so good. Just like with any baby, one, two, or more at a time. Here’s a little ditty I wrote to encourage this mom in particular, and others, that they can do it. They are warriors. They are tired. They’ll make it and they’ll even thrive, all of them.


Were you as shocked as I was when you heard the doctor say “twins” as you looked at the scan? I thought my baby had two heads. Turns out, there were two babies in there, each with a head all their own.

You’ll never forget that moment, though — the surprised joy and the overwhelming fear of it all. The truth is, you might forget a lot about what it first felt like having twins — especially in the first two years — but you won’t forget the very first moment, of meeting them both.

I should probably warn you now that people will say all kinds of hopelessly ridiculous things to you about having twins. Like them being “2-for-the-price-of-1.” As if double the morning sickness, double the diapers, double the stretch marks, and double the university educations are some kind of deal.

Just smile. You know better already; even though you have just given birth…

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