Quick link: Around the World in Toilets

Today I’m at EthnoTraveler, talking about toilets. Some come with instructions, as our butt plate plaque explains. Others come with a variety of ammenities. Or lack thereof. Where are the best ones?

Toilets Around the World

Travel for long in any part of the world and you will eventually have need of a bathroom. The need could be urgent, caused for instance by Daallo Airlines’ inter-Africa meals. The need could be less pressing, but no matter. Wherever you go, you’re going to need a bathroom. Or a toilet. Or a bush. Or a hole in the ground. And you’re going to need it stat. What kind of bathroom facility might you find? It depends on where you go (Spoiler alert: If I based my decision of where to live abroad on bathroom standards, I would move to Japan). Welcome to the essence of the travel experience. — RPJ

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