Quick link: What I told my daughter when she was shamed for ‘playing like a girl.’


My daughter and her two friends emerged from their first night of soccer practice tired, sweaty, and content. They played hard. They had fun. They giggled and ran and kicked the ball. Or, for some of them, they tried to kick the ball.

These three are the only girls on the team — and that team is the only one available to kids at their school, or the entire country, for that matter. (We live in Djibouti, a small country situated in the Horn of Africa, where organized sports for school kids are less common.) When I signed them all up, the coach was excited to see three girls. After all, last year there had only been one: my daughter. Even the school director was happy to see them — he remembered my daughter by name and told stories of how impressed he’d been by her presence among the boys last year.

“The boys think we play like girls,” my daughter said in the car on the drive home.

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