Stepping Stone: Finding Life and Love in a Foreign Land by Stacy Dyck

Stacy Dyck spent two years as a young single woman in Hungary. Stepping Stone, based on her memories and journals kept from that time, is her story of learning more about herself, about God, and also finding love while living abroad. She went into the two years hoping for the first two lessons but was happily surprised by the third.

Stepping Stone is the story of a young woman filled with faith but not a lot of experience talking with people about that faith, or experience in living it out in a cross-cultural context. She grows in these areas while enjoying (most of the time!) life in Hungary. Dyck takes readers with her while she learns, through successes and failures, about a God who is bigger than any nation or culture or person. Through showing her kind and helpful neighbors and by describing her favorite Hungarian meals, Dyck demonstrates a lasting love and respect for her host nation.

At times the book veers into tropes of the American abroad, for example comparing Hungarian culture to American culture and struggling to see the value in the Hungarian way. However, the author’s honesty about this struggle makes her appealingly easy to relate to. Haven’t we all, as expats, been caught struggling to understand something so different from our own previous cultural experiences?

Dyck’s main purpose for living in Hungary was to talk about her faith and she shares the joy and challenges of doing so in the middle of loneliness, exhaustion, and language barriers. The two years abroad stretch her far outside her comfort zone and reveal unique talents that she continues to use today.

Some of her final words sum about the spirit behind this book, which will encourage many women in similar circumstances:

“God delights in using the weak, the ones who people think can’t make it, the ones who are still too often entrapped by their own sin. God exploits these for his glory, to make His strength and compassion known.”

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*I received a copy of this book for review.

Stacy Dyck Stepping StonesStacy Dyck grew up in Weatherford, Texas, and later graduated from Hardin-Simmons University. After graduation she moved to Hungary to fulfill her part of the Great Commission. During two years of service she met and fell in love with her now husband, Johann. Eleven years later, after living in Hungary, Czech Republic, and Austria, Stacy is returning to her Texas roots with her husband and two boisterous boys. They live in the Dallas area.