Quick link: Why Is It Always About Money?

Expats, especially in developing countries, talk and think a lot about money. So much that it can sometimes feel like the only way we relate with local people is in the context of money, living standards, giving, beggars, fundraising, on and on.

I wanted to push on that a little bit and wrote this piece for A Life Overseas.


Nik Ripken wrote an excellent article a few weeks ago about how foreigners need to be better at being needy, how we need to grow in dependence on the people around us. The specific example he used of a man doing this well was about money.

I appreciated the article but one thought lingered: Why is it always about money? I feel like our conversations about how to engage well abroad are often myopically based on money. We talk a lot about it. I’ve written a lot about it. Poverty. Beggars. Giving. Wealth. Vast differences. How to live wisely and give wisely…But living abroad well and growing in dependence on local friends has to be based on more than economics.

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