What a lovely summer on the blog, I loved running the Strong in the Broken guest post series. Thank you, readers, for honoring these stories of vulnerability and hope. Thank you, writers, for sharing your experiences and opening our eyes to so many things.

Here are all the posts:

When Extroverts and Introverts Get Married, by Janneke Huisman

Thriving Through Chronic Illness by Singing and Dancing, by Amy Oestreicher

When Cancer and Life Collide, by Nicole Baldonado

Facing Infertility Abroad, by Lori F

Revisiting the Kidnapping, Reclaiming the Story, by Trish

In This Tent We Groan

Learning to Trust, Embracing Vulnerability, by Y.P.

Singing in the Storm, by Serenity

Loving Others While Fearing Others, by Jennifer Brogdon

Living While Recovering, by Daniel Maurer

Sick While Stuck, by Beth Watkins

Female in Saudi Arabia, by Ersatz Expat

Home is Where He Is, by Melissa

And the general post about the series: Strong in the Broken