A question:

Why don’t we ever sing songs about God, our Tender Mother Hen? (Luke 13:34)

I heard a song a few months ago that was about going out and bringing home the head of my enemy. I know the “enemy” was sin. I get it. But it wasn’t an image that inspired worship. At least, it didn’t inspire worship in that moment. Maybe it is just me, but the image of myself holding a bloody head, separated from its body, while useful in appreciating how serious I should take the fight against sin, wasn’t one I wanted to summon while singing in church.

So I wondered if we could have some songs with different kinds of imagery? This made me consider various passage of scripture that present God in unconventional ways. By unconventional, I mean ways in which God is not commonly thought about in our current culture. I do know that there are some lovely songs out there. Just making suggestions for more.

Maybe a song-writer would like to write a song about God, our tender mother hen.

Or God, Glorious in Breastfeeding? (Isaiah 49:15)

Or God, holy in giving birth? (Deuteronomy 32:18)

God, beautiful in bearing the people? (Isaiah 42:14)

God, strong as a mother bear? (Hosea 13:8)

God, tender as a comforting mother? (Isaiah 66:13)

God, like a poor widow persistent in pursuit? (Luke 15:8-10)

I’m not a singer or a song-writer. I have zero musical talent. But I’m sending a call out to those with talents in this realm. Please write us a song about God, our warrior mother hen, gathering up the chicks and sheltering us, providing for us, loving us.