Check this out! An upcoming challenge and conversation with yours truly, in April:

No matter where you are in the world these days Covid-19 has changed how you interact with a culture you love. Maybe you are currently displaced or maybe you are isolated.

You might find yourself wondering, “How do I connect with the culture?”

Enter the Global Trellis Culture Challenge. Because no matter where you are, you are somewhere. You are still engaged with a culture that is beautiful and messy. You are still able to learn. You can take breaks from the weight of this time, as you learn more about a place you love. This challenge is for you, right where you are.

The challenge includes three activities, with the freedom to participate in all or just some of each activity.

—The Culture Challenge Checklist contains ten ways to connect with the culture . . . and most can be done at home. (God knew!)

— Participate in a discussion with Rachel Pieh Jones (hey that’s me!) on culture

— Two Facebook Live parties with prizes


Are you up for the challenge and the ways God uses it to keep you culturally connected?


Join today.