This week I had the immense privilege of sharing my first two interview podcasts (after the interview with my daughter, which was awesome because she is awesome).

I spoke with Laurie Meberg about her family’s decision to stay in France and also about how all five of them (all FIVE) have had covid19. She describes what the illness felt like, the fear of going to the hospital and what might happen there and whether or not they would see each other again, and how her family is already thinking of how they can serve in their community when they come out of quarantine.

And then I spoke with Jessica Dame, who used to live in Djibouti. Her family left Morocco, expecting to be gone for three days on a visa run. Now, weeks later, they are still not home. They are currently in London, with the few bags they originally packed, and learning to survive and even thrive between two homes.

These expatriate covid19 stories are incredible. They made me cry, they made me laugh. The way these women are surviving this trauma with grace and goodness, the way they are able to see beauty and hope…it is inspirational. Of course things are hard, of course they have their hard and bad moments, but they also demonstrate resiliency and creativity.

I know you’ll be touched by these stories. You don’t want to miss them!