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New York Times

Making Order Out of Chaos

Modern Love A Child of Two Worlds


Modern Love Podcast

A Child of Two Worlds, read by Mireille Enos


Runners World

Running the World, Djibouti



A Muslim, a Christian, and a Baby Named God

Now published in the Norton Reader Anthology!


Christianity Today

When I was a Health Risk to Society

Are Missionary Kids Missionaries?

Why I’m Afraid of American Christians

Another Chance to Be Afraid

I’m Not Called to Keep My Kids Safe

Book Review: Dangerous Territory

Learning to Love Modern Day Lepers


Another Mother Runner

Running Fartleks on the Golf Course

Seven Months into the Pandemic and I’m Still Talking about Butt Foam

A Tale of Lost Luggage and the Kindness of Runners

Analog Runner’s Log

Mother Runner of the Month!


Red Letter Christians

Americans Demand Freedom, But For What?


Jane Friedman

What Happened When I Lost My Literary Agent. Twice.


Ethical Storytelling

How (and why) to Tell the Stories of “Quiet” Influencers



The Most Unlikely Marathoners in the World (Somaliland Marathon)



Breaking the Fast in a Broken World

Witnesses of the Kingdom

A Love Stronger than Fear

Church for the Broken and Weary

Call to Prayer, Call to Bread



Unclean, but Called Clean


The Grit and Grace Project

When You Feel Alone in Your Beliefs, Try This.


Off Assignment



Hidden Compass

Somaliland, My First Heartbreak


The Sunlight Press

Blood, Sweat, and Words


Outpost Magazine

Christmas in the Devil’s Lair

On the Run in Djibouti City (feature article and magazine cover)



This American Man and his Family are on the Front Lines of the Global Refugee Crisis


The Big Roundtable

The Proper Weight of Fear

The Long Run


Huffington Post

Turning Black

What Not to Say to the Parents of Boarding School Kids (picked up from Brain Child)



24 Hours in Djibouti


The Curator Magazine

Searching for the Divine in Djibouti


The Other Journal

Split Me Open


African Business Magazine


Women’s World Magazine


Scary Mommy

10 Arguments for Letting Kids Stay Inside All Day



When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work


Sahan Journal

Djiboutian Women at the Gym

5 Things Cigaal Shidaad Taught a Foreigner


Christian Science Monitor

Running with Sheep

Running While Female and Foreign


The Smart Set

Pleasure and Pain, in The Smart Set

Bring a Big Knife to School Day, *2013 Best American Travel Writing Notable Essay

Failing to Learn Somali

All Beans, No Tomatoes: work, uncertainty and faith in the Horn of Africa


Beyond the Blog

What Happens When Your Essay is Chosen for the Modern Love Podcast


Brain Child

I Know I Should Boast about Battle Scars

Traveler, Writer, or Mother?

Can Kids Make Us Happy?

How to Wake Up a Teenager in 16 Easy Steps

Things No One Told Me About Grief

Turning Black

Mommy, Why Do Muslims Do a Dance When They Pray?


Contributor Blog Posts at Brain, Child

Where Expatriates Belong

Motherhood is Gross

The Happy Middle Years

I Don’t Promise to Keep My Kids Safe

What Not to Say to the Parents of Boarding School Kids

and more


Running Times

Samia, Somalia, and Running for Last Place

Pirates, Presidents, and a 15k 

Running the Streets of Djibouti, Djibouti

Dining in Djibouti

Interview with the Somali National Team

and more



Is Jesus a Liar?


Grown and Flown

Mom Where is the …?


Air Djibouti

Running Mentors – print magazine


Family Fun Magazine

Family Olympics, keeping in touch long distance


Literary Mama

Africa or Disney World?

A Djiboutian Refuge



Beirut Has a Trash Problem

Who Was Hawa Tako?

Around the World in Toilets

Letter from Bankoulé

Dreams of Djiboutian Glory

Tea Time at the TB Clinic

Light Upon Light

The Hard Work of Unemployment

A Harvest of Salt

The Audacity of Nairobi

Djibouti’s White Gold

and more



Being an American Mom, Raising Kids in Djibouti

To the Mom Who Just Had Twins: You Can Do This

People Say We Fight A Lot

22 Ways Teenagers are Basically Super-Sized Toddlers

Moving Toward Brokenness

Dear Mom of the Crying Baby on the Airplane, *top Babble post

When Letting Go Means Leaning into Mystery, *editor’s pick

When Letting Go is Right But Still Breaks Your Heart

How to Go on a Marriage Retreat Without Going on a Marriage Retreat, *editor’s pick of the month

…and more



When All the Other Moms Still Have Babies

Am I a Bad Mother or Has Africa Run Out of Shoes?


Desiring God

Desperate, Dependent, Breathless Parenting

Are You Mom Enough? *included in upcoming anthology (October 2014)

Flee to the Cross

Citizens of Heaven

Fearfully and Wonderfully Drawn

Diapers, Nursing, Clinging to Christ



Christ and Pop Culture

#Bringbackourgirls, Helping and Hoping in the Face Remote Tragedy



The Good Female Samaritan

Another Chance to Be Afraid – and Trust God


SheLoves Magazine

Are You Afraid of Muslims?

and so many more!


Mothers Always Write

Uncovering Vision


Get Born

My Little Garbage Collector


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