A Baby at Camp Lemonier

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Today I have an article published over at Brain Child about taking Lucy to the US military base, Camp Lemonier. The piece is in honor of July Fourth and dedicated (at least in my mind as I wrote it) to parents all over the world who by choice or necessity live away from their children.

When my youngest was born one of the highlights of our weeks was going to Camp Lemonier, the American military base in Djibouti. Officially, we went for chapel – English sermon, semi-familiar songs. But honestly? We went for the two hours of free, frigid air conditioning and the possibility of a quick stop at the store for American snack foods and maybe a recent issue of Runner’s World magazine.

In those days there weren’t many non-Djiboutian American kids in Djibouti, three of them were my own. Children and women in civilian attire were rarely seen at Camp Lemonier and we drew quite a bit of attention on those Sunday evenings.

scouts at camp lemonier1

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*image credit Lyn Englin