When Kids Cheat

Quick link: But Mom, They’re Cheating!

This weekend Babble published my essay about cheating and helping my daughter respond when other kids cheat as well as helping her check her own heart.


My daughter takes tennis lessons twice a week and on Fridays, the kids are on their own. A supervisor is present at the courts but there is no official coaching. They divide themselves into age and gender groups and play pick-up games until dark. My daughter is 9 years old and has played, and fought, with the same group of five or six girls now for three years.

Oh boy, these kids can fight. When there is no adult watching to call a ball in or out, to call a serve fair or not, to regulate who plays against whom … battles ensue. Girls huff to the benches and hide teary eyes or furious teeth-clenching behind their water bottles. They shout and wave their hands and throw balls and kick rackets and make accusations.

The accusations are always about cheating…

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