Writing and Astonishment

Quick link: Writing to Give Voice to Astonishment

Today I am writing over at the lovely Claire DeBoer’s lovely blog. I know I wrote lovely twice, but I really mean it. See what a good writer I am, with a broad vocabulary? I’m kind of in awe of Claire and have the privilege of garnering wisdom from both her writing and her actual voice and what always stands out to me is her sincerity and depth. I love how she uses her blog space to write her own words but also to mentor other writers. She recently published an e-book and even if you can’t read you should still sign-up for it, just for the photos. Lovely. There I go again, sorry.

The post is called Writing My Astonishment and is about how writing and my ‘real’ life intermingle and inform each other, about what writing means to me.


Here’s a peek at my process. Papers strewn all over the floor, held down by Wii remotes, roles of paper towels, dice, because ceiling fans are brutal on paper-strewn-floors. I’d be standing over the papers, or kneeling beside them, a pen between my teeth and a stack of Post-its in my hand, of various colors.

Head on over to Claire’s blog, The Gift of Writing, to read Writing to Give Voice to Astonishment