The Lighthouse in Djibouti

Quick link: Light Upon Light

Today I have an essay published by EthnoTraveler about the lighthouse in Balbala, Djibouti. A few months ago I told a friend I wanted to write about the lighthouse but didn’t know anyone who knew anything about it, didn’t know anyone who had ever been inside it, felt too timid to simply approach the scrum of men sitting outside chewing khat. She said, “Someday, I want to read an essay about that lighthouse. You need to do it.”

djibouti lighthouse

I made a few phone calls, found someone who knew a little bit (sort of), and who was willing to come with me on this adventure. The following essay is the result of that research and journey and it is a piece I particularly enjoyed writing. I don’t know that it is any better or worse than my other work, but I found it deeply satisfying to write. Would love for you to discover the lighthouse and learn a bit of obscure history along with me through reading the essay.

Click here to read Light Upon Light.