Fish Rain! Or, Fish Rain?

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Did you know fish can rain from the heavens? Like manna, or rain, or cats and dogs, or the occasional crocodile?

Nature is weirder than I ever imagined and this is one of the strangest and most fascinating tales I’ve come across. It happened just next door, in Ethiopia.

Fish rained. Or maybe not. Read the story and then I’ll let you decide how to solve this scientific mystery.

fish rain

If current weather patterns continue, residents of Dire Dawa might want to start wearing helmets, for on January 20, 2016, at around 11:30 p.m., fish fell from the sky. No one was injured or even struck, though the fishy rain occurred in a populated part of town, near the local police station.

No one actually saw the fish fall from the sky, but in the morning there were fish in the street. They seemed to have materialized from out of nowhere. Maybe they really did fall from nimbus clouds, or perhaps out of fish clouds. News reports of this bizarre event rely entirely on a few photos (released by the government and the police), the evidence of the fish in the street, and rumor.

Some of the fish were quite large, as long as a man’s forearm, while others were finger-sized. All seventy to eighty of them were dead by the time they were found. Did they die from being out of water? From freezing in the clouds? From the force of the impact against the dirt in the unpaved street? No one knows.

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*image via Flickr