Ethical Storytelling Podcast Interview

I had the honor of talking with Genelle Aldred of Ethical Storytelling way back in December, a million years ago.

I barely remember what we talked about and am adamantly against listening to my own podcast interviews when they come out. So I couldn’t tell you what this is about specifically, but generally, I can tell you this is about how to tell stories of local people with honor, dignity, and respect. How to highlight their voices and not mine, how to let others shine.

I can also tell you that this interview comes out as the final in a series that started with Lisa Sharon Harper. Yes. Lisa Sharon Harper. I can’t even believe I get to follow her. If you listen to anything, go back and listen to her interviews in this series. She is so wise and speaks truth, I could listen to her all day long.

Click here to listen to my interview with Genelle.