Stop Saying, ‘They Are Poor but Happy’

Quick link: Please Don’t Say, ‘They Are Poor but Happy’

This photo is of Medina’s home, a member of our running team. In this older essay I write about when someone asked me if the girls on the team were poor: Finding Their Strong

aqal house

Today at A Life Overseas I’m writing more about poverty and what Paul Farmer calls the, ‘White Liberal Line that they are poor but happy.’ The post was hard to write and kind of scary to share but I believe we have to work on the way we talk about and write and think about and engage with poverty. I’m absolutely a work in progress here myself.

Bloggers and writers and tourists and expatriates and development workers, I have two questions/challenges for us.

  1. Can we stop finding holiness in poverty?

  2. Can we stop saying: ‘they’re poor but they’re happy’?

Click here to read more about why the poor but happy line and the tendency to find holiness in poverty are troubling issues: Please Don’t Say, ‘They Are Poor but Happy.’