A Djiboutian Café

Quick link: Stomping Grounds, Djibouti

Today I am writing at EthnoTraveler about my go-to café in Djibouti. M and M is a relatively new café that welcomes both men and women, has free Wi-Fi, easy parking outside, comfortable chairs, air conditioning (sort of and not always), and wonderful employees. Though I’ve never given my phone number to an employee at a café in the US, I regularly give it to employees at cafés in Djibouti and M and M staff have called simply to wish me a happy Eid or to see how my children are doing. It is where I go to write, unless I’m working at home.

m and m5

The short essay is part of a series on EthnoTraveler showcasing the cafés frequented by the site’s regular contributors around the world. Be sure to check out the other pieces as well and think about your own favorite Caribou or Starbucks or neighborhood café.

Stomping Ground, Djibouti

What makes your café special to you? What makes it unique? How has it become part of the fabric of your community?