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Popcorn and Bananas for Dinner?

Quick link: When Popcorn and Bananas Are For Dinner

Today I’m at the Multicultural Kids Blog, writing about the time in our expat life when all I could do for dinner was popcorn and bananas.


There are times in every expatriate’s life when basic survival, like getting calories into children, no matter what form those calories come in, trumps all other good intentions. Times like when you move to places where rusted tanks are as common as trees. Times when parents call a popped balloon the best toy of the year (like when stuck in an airport for twelve hours). Times when parents say, “pretend you are walking in Disney World” (like when the family takes a walk down a garbage-strewn street in the intense afternoon heat). Times when parents decide goat skins or sun-bleached bones are okay to play with. Times when parents vote Mr. Deeds the funniest movie ever (like when Mr. Deeds is the only non-scratched DVD in the Boroma, Somaliland movie rental office, which is a box under someone’s bed).

Click here to read more about those times: When Popcorn and Bananas Are For Dinner

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