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In Case You Missed It

Here are some links to essays and podcasts that come out in the past few weeks, just in case you missed them and are looking for something “else.” You know what I mean.


Pleasure and Pain, in The Smart Set

COVID19 and the Expatriate, at A Life Overseas

Creating Community in Djibouti, podcast at The Turquoise Table

Out of Africa, podcast at Worth Your Time

Life at the Crossroads of Faith and Culture, podcast at Grace Enough




Stuff I Like, for Expatriates

Quick link: Lists for Expats

I like lists. I make a lot of them, sometimes just so that I can cross items off the lists. At A Life Overseas today, I’m give readers some lists.

Expatriates are offered, for good reason, many useful lists. How to apply for a visa, how to pack, how to choose a school, how to learn language…this is not a post of those kinds of lists.

They are more like lists of things that help the expat live, either by challenging thinking or by providing a break from thinking.

Click here to see the books, podcasts, and songs I’m suggesting for expatriates: Some Lists for Expats

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