Djibouti Jones’ Published Articles in 2013

I wanted to gather together in one place the work of 2013 so here are places Djibouti Jones has been published around the internet, newspapers, magazines, and journals this year. Thank you all for editing, clicking through, buying magazines, encouraging, commenting, sharing, editing, and otherwise being part of this writing journey. I’m grateful for every single opportunity and relationship formed.


Family Fun: Family Olympics

NPR: Project Turkey Ball

Christianity Today: You Can’t Buy Your Way to Social Justice (why I’m afraid of some American Christians)

Brain Child: Turning Black

Mommy, Why Do Muslims Do a Dance When They Pray

The Expatriate Family

The Huffington Post: What Color is a President? (Turning Black)

EthnoTraveler: Bread for the Body, Bread for the Soul

The Hard Work of Unemployment

Djibouti’s White Gold

A Harvest of Salt

Stomping Grounds, Djibouti City

Soldiers on the Dollhouse (The Audacity of Nairobi)

Light Upon Light

The Smart Set: Failing to Learn Somali

 Bring a Big Knife to School Thursdays

Her.meneutics: The Good Female Samaritan

Desiring God: Citizens of Heaven

Babble Voices: 11 Expat Gift Ideas

No Thanks to You, Rethinking the Meaning of Gratitude

The Expat Mom and Her Hairdresser

Talking to My Kids About Syria

12 Culture Shocks

Is it All Just Stuff?

Celebrating July Fourth Overseas

and more

Guest Blog Posts: Momming Along or Momming in Community

 Writing to Give Voice to My Astonishment

Authentic Mobility

I Don’t Live in a One Word World

Bridges for the Brave

Who is Poor? Who Decides?

Contributing to Relational Poverty

The Things They Bring Home from Boarding School

SheLoves Magazine: The Freedom of Hope

Never Dead Enough

Home Is In the Spaces

Fear of Flying

The Heritage of Our Stories

and more

A Life Overseas: Why I Will Not Say I Never Made a Sacrifice

When You Start to Pick Your Nose in Public

Beyond Culture Shock: Culture Pain and Culture Stripping

Bruising Seasons

Ice Cream and Poverty

14 Things Expat Dads Want to Tell Expat Dads

and more