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Quick link: A Day in the Life…Djibouti

Why is there a cooler and a hair dryer next to the fridge? You’ll have to click through to see. Why is there a mess of tangled cords? Because we have three different types of appliance plug-ins and none of the cords reach the outlet (yes, outlet singular for the entire kitchen) so we are constantly plugging and unplugging. Its awesome.


Today I’m sharing a glimpse into a ‘normal’ day here in Djibouti with readers at Taking Route.

I highly doubt there is any such thing as normal, but you can see what our house looks like, the men who pass me on my morning runs, and what happened to three rats in our roof.

You’ll definitely want to see the pictures.

Head on over to Taking Route to see what one particular day looked like for us.

A Day in the Life…Djibouti