Safety and Fear

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After a short hiatus, I’m back writing for A Life Overseas. I’m thankful for the months they gave me to focus on some other projects, while continuing to repost old blogs and essays. Today I’m writing about safety and fear, things that seem to be continual themes for me.

Ultimately, what is safety? Was Paul safe? Was Jesus safe on the way to the cross? When we talk about safety, this is the question that must be at the forefront of the discussion.

but are you safe

The other day a group of Americans asked me if I feel safe. I said, “The country where I live is pretty safe, there is very little crime. We’ve been robbed a few times but, yeah, its safe.”

They laughed and laughed, as they should have. My answer didn’t make much sense. It was also true. There is very little crime, compared to other capital cities. And, we have been robbed 18 times in 12 years, though one of those times was in Minnesota and another was in Turkey and another was in Kenya and another was in Somalia. Meaning, crime happens everywhere.

I should have said, “We’ve been robbed a few times but, yeah, I feel safe.”

Or, “I feel safe enough.”

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