Courage and Crayons

courage1Quick link: First Day of School: Courage Matters More Than Crayons

Today I’m writing at Babble about the most important school supply, which I think is courage.

Here’s an excerpt:

Remember that big, 120-crayon sized box of Crayola crayons? The one with the sharpener on the back and colors like Tickle Me Pink and Macaroni and Cheese? I remember it too. I remember staring with envy while other students slowly pulled a crayon out, checked the perfectly pointed tip, sharpened it again just because they could. I remember looking at my box of 24 crayons. I remember that I never had that big, luscious box on the first day of school and I remember thinking that lack was quite possibly the most important thing about my school supplies.

My kids never get that box either. They don’t even get a new box with sharpened tips. They get a Ziplock baggie filled with a haphazardly gathered assortment of leftover nubs and mismatched colors from our used-crayon plastic bucket…

…Sending a kid to school without courage is like sending them to school with a 120-crayon sized box of all white crayons and telling them to color on white paper. Try as they might, they will make no picture.

Read the rest, which includes 8 tips on how to encourage courage, here: Courage Matters More Than Crayons.