Dad’s Gone? Time to Break the Rules

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Today I’m at Babble, writing about survival when Tom travels. It is, of course, a lot easier now that our kids are big and independent and can even be left alone but in the days when they were little? It was hard. One tip that I forgot to include: If you have young boys and girls who love to wrestle or fight (like us), hang up a punching bag. Ours was right in the middle of the living room and it was fantastic, well worth the aesthetic sacrifice.

Dad Gone? Break the Rules.

My husband travels often and he goes to, um, interesting places. We live in Djibouti, and he is a professor and director of our development organization who consults on various projects. He has stayed in a hotel in Jordan two days after it was bombed, figuring lightning wouldn’t strike twice in the same place (plus he got an obscenely low price … for obvious reasons.)

He once called to tell me that upon takeoff to Somalia the engine of the plane he was on caught fire … but that now the fire was out and they were taking off again. Phew. I can’t worry the whole time he is gone, I have three kids so I have to keep functioning!

So, how does a mom stay healthy, maintain her sanity, and not worry while dad travels?

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