Getting Dressed for Winter

Quick link: A 9-Step Guide to Dressing for Winter

Today I’m writing at Babble with Djiboutian-guided suggestions on how to bundle (a new term for my kids) up for cold, subzero Minnesota temperatures.

I still laugh about the time they came into the porch with mittens on and their coats in their arms, their boots on the floor. ¬†They didn’t know that coats and boots go on before mittens. Lucy wasn’t sure what to do with her coat the first time she stepped into a restaurant in Minnesota. She wouldn’t go all the way inside and wondered where she should put it. I explained how to stuff it beside you, drape it over your legs, or let it fall behind your back. I also showed her how to stuff mittens inside the sleeves to keep from losing them.

If any kid licks a post this winter, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of mine.

winter clothes

We don’t even know the things we know, do we? Come on over to Djibouti and we can show you a thing or two about keeping cool but for now, enjoy this post: A 9-Step Guide to Dressing for Winter