My mission is to magnify your message.

Most people with a powerful story are too busy living that story to write it down.

As a ghostwriter, I help leaders, creatives, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories produce a book that will magnify their message, so they can stay on mission.

Don’t despair!

Your book dream is possible and I can be your guide.

Together, we will untangle and clarify your story and craft it into a beautiful book to help build your business, leave a legacy, or transform a community. All so that you can keep doing what you love doing – living your story, now with a book that will establish you as a thought leader in your field.

My three-part collaborative process means the finished product is authentically yours. Together, we will

  • Clarify your message with a detailed outline
  • Ensure the book is in your unique voice
  • Complete a manuscript you will be excited to share

Your compelling message plus my award-winning writing, endless curiosity, dogged research skills, and commitment to quality will produce a book uniquely suited to magnify your message.

Rachel untangled my jumbled verbal mess and crafted it into a story that made sense and packed an emotional punch. I felt heard and understood by her. She did extra research and reading on her own to better understand my story. I could tell she really cared.  

Ghostwriting Client

“I can not read Rachel Pieh Jones’s writing without being viscerally moved…either to laughter or tears, sometimes both. This is a book to be savored…” RW

“Rachel’s diligent and observant research reminded me of the likes of Laura Hillenbrand of Unbroken and Sea Biscuit. She crafts a beautiful story.” MG

“The author’s considered, evocative prose and friendly persona make this a pleasure to read.”

Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review

Getting started finishing your book is as easy as pie(h).

Move from idea to powerful book in three easy steps! Start today and schedule a call.