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celebrating culture and cooking in a country as hot as your oven

This award-winning cookbook offers over 150 tried and true recipes using only locally available ingredients. No Bisquick or muffin mixes here, only foods made from scratch.

Bonus! Enjoy a chapter of Djiboutian recipes and photos of this beautiful country.

Djiboutilicious is available as an ebook in MOBI and EPUB formats.

What are people saying?

Susannah, “Djiboutilicious quickly became my go-to cookbook. I loved how it helped me see the variety of easy and delicious dishes I could make with what I had in the Horn of Africa. “I make the curry, biscuit, bread, and salad dressing recipes every week!”

Laura, “Djiboutilicious showed me how to enjoy cooking in Djibouti our first year here. I was able to find recipes and helpful tips that my family loved and all ingredients I could find here. I felt so empowered with this cookbook in my kitchen!”

Lorraine, “I use Djiboutilicious all the time and keep it on my book stand in the kitchen, ie , it has priority over all my cookbooks! I love the book for its recipes, memories and how it bridges cultures.”

Paula, “Djiboutilicious has become my go to cookbook in Dji – and I know that I can find most of the ingredients here.”

Jess, “Djiboutilicious is my go to book when I want to cook something I know is truly homemade. No, “add a can of this” or a “package of that.” All ingredients can usually be found in my kitchen or just around the corner at the dukaan (store).

Allison, “I have used the Djiboutilicious cookbook in multiple countries over several (many?) years, and I have continued to find it a helpful resource no matter my location!

Jill, “I have used many of the recipes in Djiboutilicious and they taste EXCELLENT! I’ve even tricked some people into eating beets in their chocolate cake thanks to this cookbook. Healthy and Yummy 🙂