Do Good Better.


I started another new thing.

I would love for you to join me in doing good better.

Are you a wanna-be do-gooder?

Do you want to help without hurting but aren’t sure HOW?

Are you confused about how to embody your faith in the world?

Are you tired of hot takes and throwing stones and want to dig deeper into untangling the messy middle of faith, development work, cross-cultural relationships, and humanitarian expatriate life?

Me, too.

We can do better but we need to help each other.

So, I started this new thing because…why not?

Compelled to create, maybe? Stuffing the coronavirus despair perhaps? Sure, whatever.

Do Good Better.

Check it out.

We’re going to have hard and challenging conversations over there because I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m pretty sure you don’t know what you’re doing either. But we both feel compelled to keep on trying, to keep on doing something, to dream of a better world and hope that we might have a part to play in inaugurating and celebrating it.

Come on over and subscribe!

It lives at Substack and is a subscription-only newsletter. For now, it is free but soon will be moving behind a paywall because producing things, sending newsletter, maintaining the website, these things are not free.

I would love for you to join me because I need your input and wisdom as we wrangle.

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Covid19 Is In This Town, Lyrics

This song is to the original The Other Side, from the film The Greatest Showman. The video will be posted below ours.

Lucy was supposed to perform music from this movie for her choir concert that was cancelled. It seemed appropriate to make another music video. She wrote all the lyrics herself.

And so we present to you…the Jones’ Public Service Announcement. A music video in which rebellious mom wants to go outside but her daughter won’t allow such dangerous behavior.

Will mom get out? Or will the daughter win the day and convince her to stay inside?

You’ll have to watch to find out (apologies that the mother in this video cannot sing to save her life. Let me suggest you listen to the daughter).

The lyrics are below so you can sing along.



Right here, right now

You need to hear me out

Don’t want to chase you down

I need to warn you

You stay at home

Even though you’ll be alone

Into your walls you really need to stay in

Don’t be rebellious its really for the best

And if you’re hungry eat a bunch of candy

You can play it sensible, get TP and canned beans

Or you can risk it all and see.


Don’t you dare to go outside

And stay away from everyone in sight

The disease is in the air and its starting to spread around

Covid19 is in this town

Cause you can go and get sick

Or you can be healthy

Stock up on food and wash for 20 seconds

Oh yeah you can’t keep going around

Covid19 is in this town


Okay my friend you wanna keep me in

Well I hate to tell you, but it just won’t happen

I can’t stay at home

I gotta go outside

I’ll just go mad in the house I stay in

I’ll use handsoap and even wear a mask

But I’m not going to stay

not eve-en o-one day

Wha-at will I do     if I’m stuck with you

No way that it’ll ever be


I’ve got gotta go outside

And I talk to everyone in sight

Though corona’s in the air I just can’t be alone

I really cannot stay at home

You can be alone

I’m gonna go free

Not gonna stay if I know I won’t be happy

Oh yeah I’m gonna walk around

I really cannot stay at home


Now is this how you’d like to spend your days

TV and misery, video games


If I let myself loose it’ll probably be bad

I’d get the disease and have to breathe from a bag


But you would finally live a little, finally laugh a little

Just let me give you the freedom to dream


But it’ll make you cough and cause your AKING

Don’t wanna help the virus in spreading

Not a disease that seems worth getting

But I guess I’ll leave that up to you


Well its intriguing but to stay would be so boring

What are some things I could do with my time wisely


Fair enough you’ll want a little bit of action

It’s a really good time to work on fractions


That’s school, that’s boring. I’d like something fun to do


Why not just go ahead and try an instrument or two




I’d do crafts.








Don’t you dare to go outside

And stay away from everyone in sight

The disease is in the air and its starting to spread around

Covid19 is in this town

Cause you can go and get sick

Or you can be healthy

Stock up on food and wash for 20 seconds

Oh yeah you can’t keep going around

Covid19 is in this town


So you can go and get sick

Covid 19 is in this town


Or you can be healthy

You’ve convinced me to stay home


Don’t cough or sneeze

At Any single time


Covid 19 is in this town



And the original

Covid19 in France and Morocco, Guest Interviews

This week I had the immense privilege of sharing my first two interview podcasts (after the interview with my daughter, which was awesome because she is awesome).

I spoke with Laurie Meberg about her family’s decision to stay in France and also about how all five of them (all FIVE) have had covid19. She describes what the illness felt like, the fear of going to the hospital and what might happen there and whether or not they would see each other again, and how her family is already thinking of how they can serve in their community when they come out of quarantine.

And then I spoke with Jessica Dame, who used to live in Djibouti. Her family left Morocco, expecting to be gone for three days on a visa run. Now, weeks later, they are still not home. They are currently in London, with the few bags they originally packed, and learning to survive and even thrive between two homes.

These expatriate covid19 stories are incredible. They made me cry, they made me laugh. The way these women are surviving this trauma with grace and goodness, the way they are able to see beauty and hope…it is inspirational. Of course things are hard, of course they have their hard and bad moments, but they also demonstrate resiliency and creativity.

I know you’ll be touched by these stories. You don’t want to miss them!

Quiz: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Just for fun. Don’t take this too seriously.

What are your results?