Early Praise for Stronger Than Death

“A stunning meditation on love and service, this book has given me a new hero: Annalena Tonelli, a woman of faith who crashed through boundaries and dodged bullets in her mission to heal the sick. Author Rachel Pieh Jones has done justice to an extraordinary person, crafting a story every bit as vivid, relentless, and surprising as her subject.”
Jason Fagone, author of The Woman Who Smashed Codes,
NPR Best Book of 2017

“My life has been shaped by the examples of Faith heroes — Dorothy Day, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. In this book, Rachel Pieh Jones introduces me to one more — Annalena Tonelli. Her example of immersive, selfless service combined with learning from different traditions should inspire us all.”
Eboo Patel, founder and president, Interfaith Youth Core, author of Acts of Faith

“A meticulously detailed and empathetic work on a woman whose life should not be forgotten.”
Mary Harper, Africa editor, BBC World Service, author of Getting Somalia Wrong?

“As well as telling a compelling story with great skill, this absorbing and clear-eyed examination of the work of one of East Africa’s greatest humanitarians, based on her letters and interviews with her closest associates, also highlights the cultural challenges faced by even the most dedicated worker. Rachel Pieh Jones raises questions about motive and consequence, as well as perception and jealousy, that resonate well beyond the fascinating life she describes.”
Richard Barrett, director of the Global Strategy Network and former director of global counter-terrorism at MI6

“Annalena Tonelli’s story challenges readers to believe in themselves and reminds us that we can choose acts of kindness and love even during difficult circumstances. Her courage inspires us to challenge evil: everyone can make a difference.”
Mariam Mohamed, former first lady of Somalia

“Few of us will ever come close to Annalena Tonelli’s devotion and bravery. But thanks to this remarkable book, we can be acquainted with one of history’s great and unheralded exemplars, and inspired to give more of ourselves to those without.”
Tom Krattenmaker, USA Today columnist, author of Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower

“Jones explores the life of Italian aid worker Annalena Tonelli in this gripping biography…Tonelli’s example of humility, asceticism, and loving with abandon will be a revelation to modern Christian readers and will appeal to anyone interested in international aid.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Annalena Tonelli dedicated her life to helping others, carrying out her noble mission in remote, difficult places little noticed by the outside world. In doing so, she touched the lives of thousands of people, demonstrating that individuals can still make a huge difference.”

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, October 2003

“A fascinating, powerful and extremely moving true story that needs to be shared with the rest of the world”

Jordan Wylie, Bestselling Author of Citadel, Veteran & Adventurer