Bake Cookies in Your Car

Quick link: Car-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I’m at Babble sharing a recipe you might never have imagined possible. People talk about frying eggs on the street, or in Minnesota about throwing water in the air and watching it to turn to ice before it falls to the ground. I have not tried to fry an egg on our street but I’m sure its possible. However, I have baked cookies inside a car.

Thanks to Sybil and Kristi’s Qatar Adventures, Lucy and I embarked on a Djibouti adventure last Friday.

We found the recipe on their blog, compared temperatures in Qatar and Djibouti and Djibouti was hotter. So what could we do? We had to try it.

We baked cookies in our car.

How hot is it in Djibouti?

Let me say it again: we baked cookies in our car.

car baked cookies

Click here to read the recipe and about how I rescued our car cookies from a hungry goat: Car-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

Helping Kids With Re-entry

Today I am writing at Babble about kids and transitions and thinking deeper than jet lag. My last post at Babble was also a list and it happened to be nine things. 9 Ways to Celebrate July Fourth Overseas. Maybe I just can’t think hard enough to get to ten.

A good friend was taking her kids back to the US after two years living in the Middle East and asked for advice. This is what came out. I’d love to hear from you, what have you learned/found helpful or unhelpful?


9 Ways to Help Your Kids Re-enter America

  • Decide to have an attitude of gratitude. Your kids will pick up on your subtle vibes. Especially when coming from a less developed country, it is easy and natural to feel overwhelmed, even judgmental. Make the conscious decision to enjoy what America has to offer – the fully stocked grocery shelves and the clothes that fit well, English menus, wi-fi, people who love you.
  • Don’t attempt to squeeze everything in. American is a land of nearly infinite options and stimulation. Don’t even try to do it all. Enjoy simple things like grass, playgrounds, libraries, bike rides, swimming, and those people who love you.
  • Give your kids words. Help them know how to explain where they have come from in their own words, appropriate for their age.


Click here to read the rest of 9 Ways to Help Your Kids Re-enter America

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