Great Gifts for Expatriates

What to get the person you love who lives far away? Some expatriates have access to Amazon Prime but for those who don’t or for those who love those who don’t, here are some ideas.

Expat Gifts

(and here’s another post I wrote, for Babble, about gift ideas for expats)

Gift cards (Amazon, iTunes…)

Travel organizers like this Grid-It, to keep track of cords or crayons or hand lotion while traveling.

This awesome new luggage set, the Bugaboo Boxer.

But for those of us who can’t afford $1,500 for a suitcase(!), here’s a more reasonable option

Plane tickets. Not gonna link to any specific places or airlines here, but go visit. Or bring them to you for a visit. Or send them on a vacation.

A more affordable, trip-orientated idea is to gift cash for a family or individual to vacation in their host nation. A trip to the coast or camping, a safari, out to eat at a nice restaurant, something that would be a treat but not break the bank.

Kindle books. My daughter just ordered this set because she got tired of checking it out of the library

and another that came highly recommended and may or may not be finding its way into my kids’ gifts is this one

Send cash. Maybe that feels cold or simple but sometimes it is the easiest way to gift something to someone far away. Especially if they don’t have great access to the post office or if mailing packages is quite expensive, like it is in Djibouti.

Or how about the Djiboutilicious Cookbook?

On sale now through January 1, 2017, only $1.99!

What are some other fun gift ideas for expatriates?

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