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Running the World

I’m super excited about last month’s Runner’s World magazine. And I’m late in sharing it here but better late than never!

Running the World: Djibouti

Run the World

This story was a long, long time in coming, through many pitches and edits and months and even years. I originally wrote it at half the length but the editors decided Fathia was a fascinating person with an intriguing enough story that she needed almost double that.

I’m so proud of this young woman and this team. And I’m just a little happy about being published in Runners World (eee!)

If you haven’t already seen the article, check it out here:

Running the World: Djibouti

Female Djiboutian Sprinters at the Gym

Quick link: Djiboutian Women at the Gym

I’m happy to share this piece today, published by the excellent Sahan Journal. I love the girls in these photos, their dedication and their focus. I’m thankful for the gym and the owner, who so warmly welcomes them to train. They are entering the season of National Championships now, April and May and I wish Nasra the best. Just saw her running out in the desert yesterday morning and she looked strong.

Djiboutian Women at the Gym2

Kebabs roasted over a charcoal grill outside the men’s gym on Rue de Guelleh Batal. The cook used baguettes to slide smoking pieces of beef off the sticks, then loaded the bread with onions, tomatoes, French fries, and a generous dollop of mayonnaise. He wrapped aluminum foil around the bread to keep it warm and added it to a growing pile on the side of the grill. If he worked at a precise pace he would have all the food prepared before the evening’s last call to prayer. The men would finish lifting weights and pour out of the gym to purchase a sandwich on their way to the mosque or home.

Nasra would not buy any food, not tonight or any other night. She didn’t have the money to spare and didn’t want to draw any extra attention. The owner of the gym welcomed her and none of the men bothered her but she maintained as low a profile as possible, one of two females in a man’s domain…

Click here to read the rest Djiboutian Women at the Gym

Finding Strong Online Premiere

Woot-woot! The Finding Strong film will premiere online Wednesday June 4, at 4 p.m. Don’t miss this beautiful and inspiring film.

I love these girls. Love them. Watch the film and then pull on a pair of tennis shoes (Saucony, perhaps? Kinvara trail shoes are my new faves) and hit the road.

finding strong8

If they can run, you can run.

Finding Strong, online Wednesday June 4, at 4 p.m.

A Communal Running Life

Quick link: A Communal (Running) Life Overseas

girls run 2

Today I am over at A Life Overseas, continuing the series about being an expatriate and a runner and about how to build community. Last month’s post A Practical (Running) Life Overseas was about getting started and practical tips for running in a foreign country. This week’s post is about building community around doing something you love, whether it is running or sewing or cooking or writing music…

You don’t have to be talented (I’m so slow), you don’t have to be an expert (everything I know I either taught myself or read in Runner’s World), you just have to find something you enjoy and someone else to enjoy it with you.

Click here to read A Communal (Running) Life Overseas

I’m on the road. Or should I say in the air? Next time you hear from me will be from a different time zone.

The (Running) Overseas Life

Quick link: A Practical (Running) Life Overseas


Today I’m writing at A Life Overseas with A Practical (Running) Life Overseas, the first in what will be three posts about running as an expatriate. We’re going to cover practical considerations, how to build community through running, and the deeper issues like wearing running shoes that cost more than the average monthly salary.

Today’s post covers topics like:

  1. Getting started
  2. Clothing and Gear
  3. Nutrition and hydration
  4. Safety

So, not too heavy. If you want something light and maybe helpful, head on over to A Practical (Running) Life Overseas.

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