The Expat Mom and Her Hairdresser, at Babble

Ever had a bad haircut? Ever had a bad haircut overseas? Want to read about the search for a decent hairdresser and see photographic evidence of the not-so-decent hairdresser results? Here’s an excerpt and click through to Babble for the rest.

some haircuts just need to be covered up

some haircuts just need to be covered up

The Expat Mom and Her Hairdresser

There are some people who must never leave developing countries. Quality hairdressers are one of them. If they are fellow expats, I think their entry visas should read: not allowed to leave the country until equally talented replacement found.

I don’t consider myself a person overly concerned with hair. I live in Djibouti for crying out loud (which I do sometimes when it gets too hot), where showers are salty, sun wicked strong, and ponytails mandatory six months out of the year. But there is something comforting about having a good haircut, ponytail or not. Something that says, ‘even when I can’t figure out my kid’s French homework and the car tires have exploded from the heat and the electricity cut out again and I just want to have a three-day-non-stop heart to heart with my best friend, my hair still looks good.’

New expats come to Djibouti and want to know: where is the cheddar cheese? Um, Dubai? Where is the brown sugar? Um, Kenya. Where can I buy a decent bra? Um, order one. And while you’re at it, order me one, too. Where can I get a good haircut? Well…

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