Everything’s Not Awesome

How Much Awesomeness Can We Really Handle?

Today over at A Life Overseas I write about how I don’t really want the burning bush every day, about how pretending that everything is awesome (ala The Lego Movie) is actually pretty exhausting.

burning bush


I have this theory that we get about one awesome story per decade. If you go to many conferences or read books and then hear the author speak or read their second book, things start to sound the same. The same stories are retold, the same lessons reexamined, the same wisdom gained. I’m guilty of this, I have a few faves, a few go-stories and go-to life lessons complete with a personal example.

Even guys like Moses and Abraham – how many awesome stories do they have? And how long did they live? I imagine that if Moses were to speak at conferences he would do an awful lot of rehashing crossing the Red Sea or the plagues. But he lived for years. Like years and years, centuries, even. Centuries of mundane days, sick days, failure, disappointment, pain, monotony. Walking in the desert. Just walking. Saw some sand. Ate some manna. Walked some more. We don’t hear much about those boring, every day days. We hear the highlights, the few and the incredible.

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