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Ethical Storytelling Podcast Interview

I had the honor of talking with Genelle Aldred of Ethical Storytelling way back in December, a million years ago.

I barely remember what we talked about and am adamantly against listening to my own podcast interviews when they come out. So I couldn’t tell you what this is about specifically, but generally, I can tell you this is about how to tell stories of local people with honor, dignity, and respect. How to highlight their voices and not mine, how to let others shine.

I can also tell you that this interview comes out as the final in a series that started with Lisa Sharon Harper. Yes. Lisa Sharon Harper. I can’t even believe I get to follow her. If you listen to anything, go back and listen to her interviews in this series. She is so wise and speaks truth, I could listen to her all day long.

Click here to listen to my interview with Genelle.

Fear and Hope in an Age of Disease Excerpts

Here are portions of the April 4 podcast episode. You can hear me read the whole essay through the link. It is outdated already, I wrote it barely three weeks ago. But part of this whole podcast diary thing is to keep a record and I’m willing to say things have changed, even while looking back at what I thought before. That’s part of the process. I’m done with stories that are told from the end point, where everything is wrapped up and has nice conclusions. I’m fascinated by the process, by other people’s processes. That shows how we grow and change and that gives me hope.

If this is too heavy for you, for now, check out our hard rock video (though I have heard it made people cry – different kind of cry) or the episode offering tips on how to wipe your butt without toilet paper.

…What concerns me is the power of corporate fear in the West, specifically in my native country, the USA, the way fear drives people into isolation, ethnocentrism, and self-centered hoarding. The way fear erases empathy and skews common sense.

What concerns me are the answers to these questions: What are we afraid of? What does fear do to relationships? What are we going to do with our fear?

We already live in an age of suspicion, prejudice, and isolation, fueled by anxiety and misplaced faith in the fragile façade that we are, or should be, invincible.

In the West, we worship the god of safety but this god can make no promises. This is a god crafted out of our own delusions. Delusions that we are stronger alone, that we are not interconnected and interdependent, that health corresponds to morality or superiority, that we are in control, and ultimately, that we will get out of this whole thing alive and unharmed if we only prepare well enough.

These delusions reveal an underlying ambition of making ourselves into God. Or, if we can’t be God ourselves, we demand our politicians play the role. Then we are free to abdicate responsibility for our own choices, our own cruelty, our own neglect of the refugee and the homeless, our own rampaging of the planet, our greed and selfishness.

What our human made systems have to offer will not save us. Build the walls. Close the borders. Shut your doors. Buy all the toilet paper and canned beans. Be afraid. Don’t concern yourself with your diabetic neighbor, your friend who needs chemo medications, your coworker with high blood pressure. Save yourself. And if you can’t, find someone to blame…

…You probably know what the flu feels like, maybe you even know what COVID-19 feels like. Do you know what fear feels like? Have you ever taken note of how your body responds in moments of fear? Pay attention.

Fear is a tunnel that grows increasingly narrow the longer I remain inside. Vision constricts until I can only see what is directly in front of me, no peripheral sight. My body constricts, too, pulls in on itself as if it were trying to physically avoid contact with fear. Sounds blend into a cacophony and it is difficult to discern specific voices or words. I experience what I anticipate because that is all I can absorb.

Fear is a dull ache in my lower back, as though my kidneys are slowly expanding and putting increasing pressure on my skin. It is marbles, the big glossy shooters my kids collected in elementary school, lodged above my clavicle. Fear is a long, lumpy worm, wriggling in my stomach and disturbing the contents of my lunch…

In some ways, fear is like hope. Experienced in the body, resting upon uncertainty, looking to the future with anticipation.

How else is fear like hope? Have a listen to Episode 19: Fear and Hope in an Age of Disease.

Djibouti Jones COVID19 Diary, Episodes 1-6

What is happening in Djibouti in regards to the COVID19 pandemic?

I decided to process it out loud, every day, just a a brief glimpse.

Have a listen. Enjoy.

March 17. Connected.

March 18. It Is Here.

March 19. We Know How to Take Care of Each Other.

March 20. What is Hoarding? Plus, a Car Accident.

March 21. Do We Stay or Do We Go?

March 22. COVID19 Has Left Djibouti. Plus, a Special Guest.

Available for now on Spotify and Anchor. Coming soon to iTunes and Google Play.


Expat Focus Podcast

Quick link: Expat Focus Podcast

Check out my interview with Carly at Expat Focus!

“Today on the show, we’re talking about raising children abroad, specifically as Third Culture Kids.

‘TCKs’ are people raised in a culture different to that of their parents, and the country named on their passport.

My guest, American Rachel Jones, is a mum of three TCKS. She left the USA with her husband and their young twins to work in northern Somaliland, and later Djibouti, where she still lives.

So what’s it like raising your kids in a country that’s so different to your own? How does the experience influence their development, and shape them as adults? And what challenges are you likely to encounter along the way? Rachel’s going to share her insights, which she hopes will help other parents create a thriving family culture while living internationally.”

*photo by Jessica Lee

Another Mother Runner Podcast

I am:

a mother

a runner

another mother runner

and…a running nerd.

By nerd, I mean I love all things running. I used to think: what is there to talk about? You wear shoes and you move your legs. Done.

Now? I get it. I read the shoe descriptions in Runners World magazine. I delight in every mile, in hearing people say about a race, “And I ran…and I finished…” and I want to hear all about the in between parts.

So talking to other mother runners was just plain delightful.

Here is the podcast episode, a bonus 45-minute length one, thanks to my wonderful mother (who is not a mother runner but she is a mother walker) who nominated me for mother of the month!

Have a listen, maybe on the run or after listen, lace up your shoes and hit the road/trail/treadmill.


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