One Woman’s Yes, Interview

Through writing for SheLoves I have met some incredible women and Heather Caliri is one of them. Heather lives with courage and authenticity and beautiful words. She and I did a Skype interview a few weeks ago, across many national boundaries and time zones. Today the interview is posted at her blog A Little Yes.

She asks me questions like What steps led up to you and your husband deciding to move to the Horn of Africa? What were the baby steps that came before the big decisions like signing on with a development agency or making plans? 


If you had advice for someone wanting to make small steps towards serving others, what would it be?

Read One Woman’s Yes to gain a little more insight into the steps that moved us to Africa.

I’m thankful for the timing and generosity of this post. I still can’t prepare my own blogs this week but can certainly hook you up to Heather’s. A Little Yes is a blog worth spending time perusing.

What are some of your little yesses that have led to bigger things?